Yoga chitta vritti nirodah - Yoga is the stilling of the mind changing states


Yoga in Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia

Ayurveda Yoga Sardinia offers private and group yoga classes for all levels in hotels, apartments, villas and yachts in and around Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda and beyond.
Alessandra’s teaching style is a combination of Sivananda Yoga – slower paced and gentler – and Iyengar Yoga – more dynamic and focused on the alignment – adapting the lesson to the needs of her students.

Private yoga classes:

If you would like to have your private yoga class in your villa, yacht or hotel, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Group yoga classes:

Poltu Quatu at Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu: Tuesday and Friday 6pm
Please call or write an email before the class to check for availabilities.

A lesson of 90 minutes is composed of three sections:

    • The first section includes pranayama, or breathing techniques. A gentle yet powerful practice that promotes breath control and balance, and cleanses, regulates and calms both body and mind. Just as the state of mind affects the breath, regular, steady and deep breath induces relaxation. In yoga, pranayama is one of the keys to inner peace.
    • The second section comprises the warm-up and a series of asanas (postures) to stimulate every system in the body. Through regular practice, yoga students feel stronger, more flexible, and enjoy increased tonus and mobility. Focus on the breath is kept while practicing the asanas in order to maintain concentration during movements.
    • The final part is a deep guided relaxation, where students are encouraged to let go of any tension in muscles, body and mind.

Lessons can be held in English, Italian, German, French or Spanish.

Yoga on Yachts

Would you rather stay on your yacht and take yoga classes on board?

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What is Yoga

“Yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means „to bind“. Binding the spirit and the body together, creating unity.
Yoga has evolved over thousands of years in India, and nowadays yoga classes are offered in a variety of styles and variations all over the world and they may seem difficult to distinguish at first sight.

According to the Indian texts that describe yoga (which date back to the 2nd century BC), yoga brings calmness to the otherwise uncontrollable activity of the mind. Much attention is devoted to how to control and focus the mind, the ultimate goal of yoga being personal fulfillment.

Whatever your reason for stepping on a yoga mat for the first time may be, through regular practice you will soon discover the peace and inner calm that the practice of yoga promotes. Benefits include increased flexibility, and increased muscle tonus and strength. Yoga helps the body to create the internal conditions for a better state of health.




yoga-voile : duo magique

Merci Alessandra et Ghego pour cette magnifique semaine yoga-voile entre la Sardaigne et la Corse. Quelle chance de pouvoir combiner ces deux activités dans un cadre de rêve, et de vivre une expérience qui m'a apporté ressourcement, énergie e...


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