Yoga chitta vritti nirodah - Yoga is the stilling of the mind changing states



Yoga on Yachts

Yoga on yachts is the ideal extra to enrich and vary the holiday of guests on board of a Superyacht.
Ayurvedayogasardinia offers complete wellness packages of yoga and massages on board.

Are you a charter broker looking for a special surprise for your clients?
Or are you a captain who wants to offer a little extra during the boss trip or to your charter guests?
Or would like to pamper yourself with yoga and massages during your holidays in the privacy of your yacht?

Very close to Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda, I offer yoga classes and ayurvedic massages for owners, guests and yacht crews cruising around this fantastic island and beyond.
I have experience of yoga and massage on board yachts and possess STCW and ENG1 certificates for safety on board.
Classes can be held in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
I travel and I can reach you in Sardinia, Corsica and where your yacht is cruising right now.

Please contact us for premium wellbeing services: yoga on yachts, massages on board, but also personal trainer, beauty and pilates all over the Mediterranean.




yoga-voile : duo magique

Merci Alessandra et Ghego pour cette magnifique semaine yoga-voile entre la Sardaigne et la Corse. Quelle chance de pouvoir combiner ces deux activités dans un cadre de rêve, et de vivre une expérience qui m'a apporté ressourcement, énergie e...


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