Yoga chitta vritti nirodah - Yoga is the stilling of the mind changing states




yoga-voile : duo magique

Merci Alessandra et Ghego pour cette magnifique semaine yoga-voile entre la Sardaigne et la Corse. Quelle chance de pouvoir combiner ces deux activités dans un cadre de rêve, et de vivre une expérience qui m'a apporté ressourcement, énergie et rires !


Alessandra is an amazing Yoga instructor. You can feel that she loves what she´s doing.
Not matter if beginner or advanced, she supports everyone to stretch their body as much as possible an feel amazing after the session.
It was a pleasure to practice Yoga with her!


J'ai passé une semaine de lâcher prise et de pur bonheur grâce à Alessandra. Elle nous a offert du bon, du bien et du beau. Très professionnelle, nous avons bénéficié de ses précieux conseils et de sa si bonne humeur.


Relax and Disconnect!

Ale introduced with passion all her yoga lessons with deep breath over the beach of Sardinia. It allows your body to fully stretch, with kind moves and excellent support!

It was an amazing experience and a chance to practice with Ale. Will be back!


Fanny Boulloud

Alessandra is the living example of the flow and the courage to live the 'personal freedom'.
I'm happy to spend my time in Sardinia with her 🙂


I would recommend Alessandra as a teacher to anyone! She is full of life, vibrant and yet sensitive, someone you can trust. An inspiring woman, teacher and friend!

Sarah Howard

Zart fordernd 🙂 wie ich den Sivanandastil liebe, unterrichtet Alessandra mit Hingabe und Liebe und ihre Stunden sind zart fordernd...

Petra Grothe

Ottima esperienza

Devo fare i complimenti a Alessandra, davvero professionale e preparata, un' esperienza molto importante che mi ha portato ad un miglioramento psicofisico notevole


Magic and sensitive hands are touching your soul.


Cure against my laziness

I already practiced yoga before but, as I normally need that little kick to get me on the yoga mat I booked a few classes with Alessandra to try. She teaches yoga with a lot of passion, has a very calming energy and helps me overcome my laziness. Thank you!



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