Yoga chitta vritti nirodah - Yoga is the stilling of the mind changing states

I would like to talk about BACK Label, the clothing company I discovered while working at the Six Senses spa of the Hotel Alpina Gstaad, in the Swiss Alps.

Despite having taken with me all my yoga outfits (which were made in Bali, can there be anything cooler?!?!?) on my first day the spa manager handed me my new yoga outfits which I was supposed to wear during my yoga classes. At a first glance they looked tight, tighter, the tightest.

Deep down I wanted to wear my own outfits, since while practicing yoga I want to be covered in loose simple garments that make me forget I am dressed. I like to pull, push and squeeze my body left and right without feeling what I wear.

I thought to be in front of one of those trousers I’d feel all over the skin, I’d feel the elastic bands around my waist and belly and I’d feel like a salami who does yoga.

Oh boy, I was wrong.

Back Label zero toxicity

BACK Label is the only Italian clothing company which uses 100% made in Italy naturally sourced textiles that are sewn by 9 talented tailors in their factory in Bergamo, Italy. Backlabel garments are made with rich and precious next generation fabrics, mixing top quality Egyptian cotton – among the finest cotton fibres in the world – with seaweed fiber, silk, milk protein, bamboo fibre, cellulose, fleece. On top of that, the dyes are certified to be absolutely safe at contact with bare skin (GOTS certified).

BACK stands for return, return to origins, to the way things should be done. Return to Italy and quality, to handmade clothing,  to slow fashion.

It has been a revelation to find a clothing company so ethically driven, focused on delivering the best quality products possible in respect of the environment and fairly paid labour: the designs are inspired by the company’s desire to create modern and  timeless collections; the quality of the fabrics is outstanding; the products are 100% made in Italy; the skin can finally breathe.

We are covered with clothes day and night.

It is so important to realize that not only what we eat but also what we put in contact with our skin, has an impact on our health and on the planet.
Zero toxicity should be a must for all what we wear, for our own good and the good of Mother Earth.
For these reasons, BACK Label engaged in a fight against polyester and petroleum derived fabrics.

The Forward Collection, BACK Label signature athletic wear, performs better than main stream athletic wear, by using, almost entirely, cotton.

With all this healthiness covering my skin my Bali outfits got forgotten somewhere in my wardrobe, and I wear Backlabel all the time. The pants of the Forward collection are quite tight, and every time I discover myself wondering „Oh God in these ones I won’t fit”.

And every time I am wearing a new wonder.

In these pants I don’t feel dressed, I feel protected. I don’t feel the elastic bands, I feel a comfortable layer of fabric covering me. I feel comfortably folded in stilish miracles that nourish my skin and allow it to breath. Protected with garments that caress my skin lightly and elegantly, so elegantly I sometimes look at my legs walking or practicing yoga and wonder: „Are those mine?!?

Back Label seaweed fabrics

To find out more about BACK Label philosophy and products click here and go to the official website.



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