Yoga chitta vritti nirodah - Yoga is the stilling of the mind changing states

About me – Alessandra

Alessandra was born and grew up in Faenza, Italy. She studied in Bologna and continued her studies in Vienna. Upon graduation she worked as researcher, for the development cooperation and for a consumer goods multinational.

How did she discover yoga?
Nine years ago on a Sunday morning she was taken by her flatmate to the first yoga class of her life. She would have continued to sleep, but her flatmate swore yoga would do her good. Since then she has never stopped. She began practicing Sivananda yoga and – since at those times she was living in Southeast Asia – she started exploring the Buddhist meditation.

During her career she continued to practice yoga, progressively realising the importance of returning to the awareness of body and breath even in the midst of a stressful office life.

In 2012 she decided to devote herself completely to yoga. She lived in one of the ashrams in Germany, where she completed her teacher training course and taught regularly.

She spent several months in India, Bali and Malaysia where she continued to deepen the theoretical and practical knowledge of yoga, Iyengar yoga and Ayurvedic massage.

In 2014 and 2017 she spent the winters working as yoga instructor in Switzerland in the prestigious ski area of Gstaad.

In 2016 she enrolled in a 3-years-study of the Grinberg Method taught personally from the developer of the method Avi Grinberg.

Since Autumn 2017 Alessandra is back to Vienna and enjoys to be back in the city that „adopted her“ a decade ago.

She works as yoga instructor and Practitioner of the Grinberg Method – Lev. 1. She is passionate about teaching people how their body posture and how they „hold their body“ in daily life or in stress situation changes and influences their wellbeing.
She has a big passion for theatre, and she takes courses for speaking, singing and emotions communication. Some of these exercises flow into her yoga classes. Click here to go to her webpage for Vienna.

Since 2013 she spends the summer months in Sardinia offering yoga and massage to holiday makers on land and at sea and yoga and sailing holidays.



yoga-voile : duo magique

Merci Alessandra et Ghego pour cette magnifique semaine yoga-voile entre la Sardaigne et la Corse. Quelle chance de pouvoir combiner ces deux activités dans un cadre de rêve, et de vivre une expérience qui m'a apporté ressourcement, énergie e...


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